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I am the creator of The She Approach and a blogging growth strategist & coach.

With a background (and a degree) in PR and a passion for experimenting with online marketing, I’ve build this blog as a platform to share no-fluff blogging strategies that get you real results.

Now I help creative bloggers get started, grow their traffic & readership, make money blogging and become self-published authors with my free content, online eCourses & eBooks or 1-on-1 via blog coaching sessions.

My hope is to encourage and empower women to grow their own digital empires, create profitable blogging businesses and start creative side-hustles online.

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Love from readers and clients

Here are some kind words from people that I’ve connected with online:

“I am just about to start my blog. And let me tell you, I have read a million blogs and  have signed up for a million email subscriptions on how to’s. Having said this, you are the first person where I went and hit that reply button.  I love your approach of start now and figure it later – it’s honestly the best advice! Ana, thank you again for being a breath of fresh air in the swamp of things.” – Gail
“A friend put me in touch with your blog and I’ve found it so helpful! (I’m fairly new to blogging.) Thanks so much for all the amazing resources you’ve created! It has helped me so much over the past year.” – Michelle from Walking On Foreign Chels

“I discovered your very helpful blog posts through a Facebook blogging group and fell in love since then. You inspired me to be brave enough to go after my dreams and conquer them. Thanks a lot for all this amazing knowledge, you are awesome!” – Ali

“I’m in the beginning stages of my blog and because I’m not extremely tech savvy, I had some difficulty finding the right tools to use for my blog. But thank God for your Resource Library. I found some very valuable information there and I greatly appreciate it.” – Jules from What To Wish For

“I have gotten serious about blogging and my website about 7 months ago and ever since you’ve already helped me to increase my page views, to make my website more user friendly, and to grow my email list. Thank you for creating this community in which women can go to as a resource to help them out as they continue their journey. And I love how authentic and real you are about your own journey and admitting that you are not perfect and you are still figuring things out like the rest of us.” – Tyanne

“Thank you for never making me feel stupid. As a 40 year old who’s new to blogging, I still have a lot to learn. And I love your website and that you are willing to help out beginners like me!” – Mandy

“I love your newsletter – it is my favorite! When I first started blogging I signed up to a bunch of newsletters (like a good rookie) and I have to say yours is one of the few that I ALWAYS open! I am learning a lot not only from the info you provide, but from observing your work. Thank you!” – Ana from Travel Guaplous

“First of all, I want to say that I always look forward to receiving and reading your emails, which might I add, isn’t at all like me. I don’t read most emails I get, but I always open yours. You’re also involved in one of the blogging groups I’m in, and you’ve reached out to me personally with some advice (which was just awesome!). You seem genuine and I admire and respect that.” – Holly

“I am so happy I have found your blog! As a new blogger myself, I have found so much information from your posts. I recently purchased your ebook about increasing traffic to my blog and it has been blog-changing. Thanks for all the help!” – Courtney from The Money Doll

“I just wanted to say thank you for sharing so much wisdom!! I have seriously loved getting your emails and I apply so much of what you share. I’m super new to all of this and not really sure what I’m doing half the time, so I’ve really appreciated the help!” – Morgan from To A Thousand Generations

Amy from Amy Young Coaching says:

“As a first time affiliate for a friend’s e-course, I had no idea what to do in terms of promotion and sales. Enter Ana, growth and sales strategist extraordinaire! She was able to give me specific, tested tips and simple strategies for maximizing sales and delivering massive value in the process. She also saved me a ton of time having to research what’s A-okay and not-so-okay in the world of affiliate marketing. Because of our work together, my first experience being an affiliate partner was easy, fun, and yes–profitable! She’s brilliant; WORK WITH HER.”

Sarah from Mami Skilts says:

“Ana, you are one of my biggest blogging mentors and someone to whom I truly owe my success to. I would never have made it into the blogging world without you and now I even have my very own business. I never dreamed that I would be legitimately working from home. You post on how to start a blog post is how I learned the ropes and you recent affiliate posts has given me the courage to sign up with Awin and reach out to companies in my niche. This again comes from the amazing content, mentoring and support you offer. Thank you!”

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